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Felix International DWC LLC has always been proud of the quality of social and economic values it has created through its 25 years of business experience, its services in 5 different sectors ranging from trade to machinery, from fresh fruit & vegetables to marine paint and business consultancy service its participations and affiliated companies, and located 3 International branches (Dubai, Amsterdam, Istanbul ). Felix International DWC LLC is a world-class organization placing importance on ethical values, human beings and environment in addition to making contribution to development of the country. And, the Felix International DWC LLC keeps progressing in the direction of sustainable success. In this contend, it is proud of being open to contemporary developments while preserving its loyalty to the traditions as always it does. Felix International DWC LLC, which basic principle is to provide high-quality services in all areas being involved in.

Gulf countries have a special importance in activities of Felix International DWC LLC.

With a creative mindset combined with data-driven methodologies, we identify new market opportunities, new partnerships with other businesses, new ways to reach existing markets and new product or service offerings to better meet the needs of existing markets – All aiming at bringing more top-line revenue and profitability for the client!

The preliminary aspect of our work involves: getting to know the client’s current business, the business model, products/services portfolio, business objectives and the ambitions of the company leadership team.

We are specialized in the deployment of services to support companies and small – medium-sized enterprises, wishing to achieve business growth by an international expansion strategy and needing experienced management and representation. Felix International DWC LLC can provide comprehensive support to enterprises even in a start upstage.

We work closely with our Clients and concretely participate in the development of their operative initiatives. Our target is their competitiveness, the improvement of their efficiency and market effectiveness. Acknowledging the many common misconceptions about strategic planning, we have adopted a completely different approach through which we have found a lot of success with our clients across industries. Through the preparation of business plans and possible presentations to bid for finance and venture capital.

We aim to make sure that people who work with us, our Clients and Partners, see the evidence of our commitment, in our day to day work and more broadly as a business.

Using our industry knowledge, service-offering expertise and capabilities, we can identify new business and technology trends and develop solutions to help our Clients within the international marketplace, to: Enter new markets and/or Increase revenues and profit in existing markets. Felix International DWC LLC in behaviour means that you conduct yourself in a manner that is the highest and best for everyone. It includes civility, ethics, integrity, honesty, and accountability. We expect these values to be reflected in the way we carry out our work and guide our decisions.

We support companies needing experienced management and representation, even for international initiatives, by pursuing excellence and innovations through the culture of Team commitment and accountability. Most certainly, that almost all companies having a degree of international scope today, have at least some level of business development competence internally. However, we also know, while companies work on their business development projects with internal resources alone they often lack a critical and very specific outside perspective for the success of the project.

While this is completed, the facts and findings form the base for the business development “journey” ahead.

While preserving its reputation as a quality conscious and dependable company and without neglecting its social responsibilities, Felix International DWC LLC is determined to expand its activities and services, by establishing new partnerships and representative offices both in the country and abroad, and to keep exhibiting its high performance at national and international markets, and to continue guiding the future under contemporary management concept.

To this end, Felix International DWC LLC promotes continuous learning, achievement orientation and ethical business practices.

Felix International DWC LLC is generally responsible for helping companies to identify business weaknesses and challenges and determine relevant solutions. With these responsibilities, their position plays a crucial role in any company’s growth and success.



Business Center,Dubai World Central, P.O.Box – 390667, Dubai – UAE

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Paasheuvelweg 3 1105 BE Amsterdam- The Netherlands

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