Which services do you provide within the scope of Export Consultancy?

Felix International provides consultancy on all operational transactions and commercial vision from A to Z to manage your international trade. Consultancy services are provided by expert teams in many sub-titles such as sales, marketing, target market selection, foreign trade legislation, fair selection, establishing a company abroad or doing business in UAE, Turkey and The Netherlands to companies that want to sell their products profitably abroad.

What features do you look for in companies to provide Export Consultancy services?

Felix International collaborates with Limited or Incorporated companies that provide production and service within the framework of accepted standards, creating added value if they have global ethical values ​​and fulfil willing, disciplined and stable working conditions.

For which countries do you provide consultancy services?

Felix International provides consultancy services to all countries in the world in the commercial triangle of Dubai, Istanbul, Amsterdam.

For which sectors do you provide consultancy services? Can I get service for every sector?

You can get consultancy for every sector from Felix International.

Is it necessary to open a company / branch abroad in order to export?

Felix International, with its long years of experience, provides all necessary services to companies in this regard. Emphasizing the importance of opening a company/branch abroad for companies that want to export a new generation, Felix experts set up and manage all the necessary steps.

What is required to establish a company abroad?

First of all, vision and courage are required. All remaining processes are managed quickly and result-oriented by the expert teams of Felix International.

Is it advantageous to do business in Dubai?

Felix International’s expert team invites companies to do business in Dubai with high profitability rates, and with the consultancy service it provides, it constructs and manages all the necessary steps in this process from A to Z.

I want to do business in Dubai, how do I establish a company?

Felix International teams will be managing this process and guiding you in all its steps. All you have to do is prepare the required documents.

What are the rules of doing business in the free zone?

Felix International will guide you with its expertise in trading in the free zone. You can contact Felix teams to take part in a structure where you can trade tax-free and work integrated with the whole world.

I want to expand to Europe, can I get consultancy for exporting to the Netherlands?

Felix International teams will be pleased to serve you with their experience so that you can enter the European market.

Who will manage my business abroad, should I create employment?

While growing your business with Felix International Operational Consulting service, it also manages your operation.

How will I follow the legislation to do business abroad?

When you work with the expert teams of Felix International, who follow the agenda and current in foreign trade, legislative information is provided on a daily basis.

I want to do business abroad, can I get services for market and customer potential research?

With more than 20 years of experience, Felix International is one of the strongest areas in Market and Customer Research. Felix teams can also conduct conversations with your customers on your behalf.

I want to do business abroad, but I don't know my competitors, do you do competitor analysis?

Felix International experts contact all your domestic and foreign competitors and provide you with a comprehensive report.

Do you provide support services for brand and marketing activities that I will go abroad with a new product?

An integral part of Felix International’s Export Consulting service is the management of brand and marketing activities.

I want to participate in the exhibition abroad, can I get service from you?

Yes. Choosing the right fair, preparing for the fair, choosing a location, preparing the company’s infrastructure are the main topics of Felix International’s fair service package.

I want to export and benefit from government support, do you provide services in this regard?

In addition to government support in Turkey, Felix International also provides consultancy on government support given by the governments of the United Arab Emirates and the Netherlands.

I am looking for a distributor to sell my products abroad, do you provide services in this regard?

Felix International also provides Representation service within the scope of Consultancy service.

I want to do regional e-commerce, do you provide consultancy?

You can get service from Felix International in this regard. Choosing the most suitable B2B and B2C sites for you, listing your products, setting up payment systems such as Pay pall are just a few of the Felix service sub-headings, and your roadmap is prepared according to your deficiencies with detailed interviews.

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