Less is more…

Although the world says that it’s good to have ‘MORE’ at every opportunity, in fact, less is more. When we look at how functional we have in our lives, we all realize that we are aware of very little of what we have and again we use very little of it in our daily life.


Our closets are overflowing with clothes, we have a lot of items in our house, and our number of followers on our social media accounts is kept as high as possible. So in reality, what clothes do we usually wear? What are the items in our house that we never use? What is your real communication with the number of followers or connections on social media? My answer is the same for all questions… We always use some of what we have, others just exist but we don’t. 

Do you know, this is a situation that drains your energy. Everything you do not use but has is energetically connected to you and draws from your energy. Therefore, you have to produce more energy. That’s why managers who are constantly busy and have time management problems, or business people who work hard but can’t get productive results, employees… Everyone is responsible for using their own resources in the best way, but if you allow others to violate your resources, then you wouldn’t benefit yourself first and then the world it is not possible. Let today be a day when we realize what we have but do not use, and let them go by thanking them. You can start with your social media accounts at first.

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