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A totally new era in fouling prevention. This is a unique and innovative biocide-free antifouling paint based on Paint Marine patented polymer technology. Our latest development therefore creates an entirely new generic type ; Micro-Domain SPC.
A biomimetic low-friction antifouling that works using Nippon Paint Marine's patented water trapping function to lower the hydrodynamic footprint of the hull. Stable and long term fouling prevention is guaranteed by using Nippon Paint Marine's most effective self-smoothing copper-silyl-acrylate copolymer antifouling paint.
Used on some of the world's most prestigious ships, A-LF-Sea is the world's most advanced and trusted ultra-low-friction coating system. A-LF-Sea is an advanced version of LF-Sea delivering further propulsion benefits. A-LF-Sea is a biomimetic super-low-friction antifouling that works using a patented water trapping function to lower the hydrodynamic footprint of the hull.
NOA. Nippon Paint's unique, self-indicating technology. Ensuring correct paint thickness will be applied. Since 1998 NOA has been applied to ships to improve application accuracy and performance. Using NOA potentially extends the life of the ship. Different NOA versions are now available to work on and in different part of the ship according to the anticorrosive needs of that area.
Designed with crew and user safety in mind, NEOGUARD SPIKE is a high-performance non-slip deck coating utilising special epoxy resin and a hard-wearing alumina aggregate. Its excellent resistance to water, seawater & chemicals make it the ideal safety solution for exposed weather decks, passages, car decks, helicopter decks & ramp ways. Protect your crew and your vessel with NEOGARD SPIKE.
NEOGUARD TOUGHNESS is a high-performance anticorrosive cargo hold coating designed to provide long term protection from corrosion and mechanical damage caused by abrasive cargos and high impact loading procedures. This heavy-duty system generates significant cost savings for ship operators by reducing the need for costly maintenance and lengthy downtime periods.
Designed with the environment in mind, ODEMARINE PF is a single coat self-priming finish paint offering the anti-corrosive properties and durability of a traditional epoxy with the eco-friendly focus of a water-based formulation. The self-priming properties of ODEMARINE also allow the system to be applied in a single coat, helping to reduce time and money spent on application.
NIPPON CERAMO is a shop primer / pre-fabrication primer that is recognised and respected in shipyards all over the world. NIPPON CERAMO contributes significantly shipyards' productivity, efficiency and enables a shorter construction lead time together with improved working environments.
Nippon Paint Marine have a long and proud history of dedicated and detailed research and development into antifouling paints that have reduced shipping's marine environmental impact and in reducing air pollution. In 1991, Nippon Paint developed the world's first TBT-free true self-polishing copolymer (SPC) antifouling “ECOLOFLEX” series. ECOLOFLEX products have been applied to many thousands of ships and continue to reduce shipping's costs and environmental impact to this day.
EVER COOL is a unique cosmetic finish designed to deliver cost savings by minimising heat transmission into a ship's internal areas. The solar reflective properties of EVER COOL ensures that valuable cargo remains at a safe and steady temperature. EVER COOL can also help reduce the power required for costly air-conditioning systems in ship accommodation areas and improve comfort levels. Based on a reliable and well-known epoxy/polyurethane formulation, EVER COOL can easily be applied and maintained by ship's crews in service without the need for special application equipment and procedures.
ONBOARD MAINTENANCE. The Crew series offers a simplified range of essential paints for Onboard Maintenance, which is specially designed for easy management and application by the crew.



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